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Hyaluronic Z Technology®

Quench Thirsty Skin:
Hyaluronic Z Technology® features a blend of low and high molecular weight hydro-ingredients. It offers instant replenishment and recharge of skin hydration levels. Key benefits include effective volumizing, plumping, and sculpting of the skin.

Restore Skin Suppleness:
This product contains a complex with low and high molecular weight components.
It works by continuously drawing water from the air, which steadily replenishes skin hydration over time.
The aim is to restore and maintain skin suppleness.

Plump and Sculpt:
The product includes a concentrate made up of low and high weight hyaluronic acid. Specifically, Hyaluronic Z absorbs quickly, instantly recharging skin moisture levels. The formula has the continuous capability to draw water from the air, ensuring a steady replenishment of hydration over time.


-  133% Hydration Increase*
-  92% Moisture Increase*
-  70% Scaliness Reduction
**An application of 0.1% Hyaluronic Z Technology® significantly increases the water content of the Stratum Corneum up to +133% in less than 8 hours. Applied to the surface of a 38-year-old woman’s skin explants . After the 8 hours incubation phase, raman measurements are taken. *after 14 days of use *Observed after 14 days of use in a study with 10 female and male volunteers (24-63 years old). 
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