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“If you want to be heard, wear lipstick”

Some boys grow up wanting to be doctors, fire fighters or pilots, but I was always fascinated by makeup. When I transformed myself with makeup, I realized who I was. Countless years of being bullied for my sexual orientation or unconventional interests didn't matter anymore. Makeup was a part of me, and I decided to be true to myself.

I grew up in Florida and was your typical theater kid. As I evolved, I realized what I loved most about acting was the art of transformation. My passion grew from acting to makeup. Every weekend was another chance to glam someone up for a production, prom, wedding or special event. By age 11, I was attempting to make cosmetics in my kitchen, mixing bronzers with lipsticks to create the perfect shades and textures.

My parents were supportive of my dream and helped me take this concept to the next level. We worked tirelessly to develop and create our top-of-the-line lipstick formula. After three years, Formula Z Cosmetics was born.


Our first collection, Forever Lips, includes six highly pigmented, 100% cruelty, paraben and gluten-free semi-matte lipsticks. Creamy, long-wearing and smudge-proof, I poured my passion for products and my creativity as a makeup artist into this collection, providing you with the best and most innovative formula available.

My motivation as a CEO, student and friend is to show people that it’s okay to be themselves—and individuality is not only powerful but empowering. Day to day, I can transform myself to look like completely different person, but fundamentally, I’m still me. My hope is that I become a prominent voice in the global conversation about equality and inspire others to stay true to who they are, step out of their comfort zone, and to be unconditionally accepting. Thank you so much for supporting our brand.

Always be you!

Zach Dishinger

Founder & CEO, Formula Z Cosmetics